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When I was 6 years old, my dad encouraged me to watch he and my older siblings build our family's much needed detached garage.  Mom got a new car for Mother's Day and a garage was a must!  

When I turned ten, my dad gave into my constant begging to take on bigger projects.  I was in heaven when he let me help build our family's custom vacation home in Maine.  We built a gorgeous home from the ground up.  It seemed like every week for 10 years, we were always building, fixing or renovating or decorating something.   

Over the next 25 years as an adult, I adopted my father's extreme "Do It Yourself" attitude.  I love designing, creating and doing!  It's this base of knowledge and experience that allows Home Pro Santa Fe to offer a wide range of services to our customers.  From interior design to exterior structures, we cover inside, outside and everything in between.  

We offer reliable, honest and professional service combined with a strong desire to save the customer needless expense.

We'd love to hear what project you're inspired to get started!

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